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bharatanatyam flowers

Flower - White Cloth

Rs. 100.00
Bharatanatyam flowers White colour Cloth flower used for Dance Programs to go around the Buns
Flowers- full orange-shanthitailors

Flowers- full orange

Rs. 100.00
Artificial Cloth Flower
Jeweled Half Crown-shanthitailors

Jeweled Half Crown

Rs. 650.00
Jewled half crown to be used for dance hair makeup
Flowers - White and Orange-shanthitailors

Flowers - White and Orange

Rs. 100.00
Artificial Flower for Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi Dance Performance


Rs. 55.00
Kunjalm piece to be attached at the bottom of the Hair Plat
Flowers-OFFWHITE (W) GOLD-shanthitailors


Rs. 100.00
Aandal Ring

Bharatnatyam Accessories Aandal Ring

Rs. 140.00
Bharatnatyam Accessories Aandal Ring Used for anadal Characters in Bharatnatyam dance
HAIR RING-shanthitailors


Rs. 60.00
Flowers- white orange and green-shanthitailors

Flowers- white orange and green

Rs. 100.00
Artificial Cloth Flower
Small Ring-shanthitailors

Small Ring

Rs. 50.00
Small Ring
Flowers-BLUE GOLD-shanthitailors


Rs. 120.00
Flower used around the Bun
Dance Accessories encompass a wide range of products designed specifically for dancers. These items serve to enhance performance, comfort, and style during dance practice and performances. From essential items like Jewellery, Makeup, Bells, belt, Pancake, Panstick, Belt, and hair accessories. Dance Accessories are essential tools in every dancer's arsenal. Dance Accessories are crafted using high-quality materials and innovative designs to ensure durability and optimal performance. Whether you're a beginner or a professional dancer, Dance Accessories are essential for maximizing your potential and achieving your dance goals.