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50 Rare Ragas

50 Rare Ragas Of Carnatic Music | Book

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5Stone Headset

5Stone V Headset | Original Temple Jewellery

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• Exquisite craftsmanship: Handcrafted with precision, the 5 Stone V Headset | Original Temple Jewellery is a true masterpiece that showcases the rich traditions of Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi. Each intricate...
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Abhinaya Darpanam

Abhinaya Darpanam

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Abhinaya Darpanam - Traditional Dance MirrorBook 

Adavu - Bharatnatyam Beginner's Guide

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Adavus Product details Publisher ‏ : ‎ Adavus Language ‏ : ‎ English  
Adavus for Beginners

Adavus for Beginners Volume 1 Downloadable Mp3 Full Volume

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Alta Marker Pen for Dance| Pack of 3

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Ananda Siva Natanam

Ananda Siva Natanam

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Author : Geeta Radhakrishna
Anti Slip Dance Practicse Socks By Nyra

Anti Slip Dance Practicse Socks By Nyra

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These Anti Slip Dance Practice Socks provide maximum stretchability, accommodating all foot sizes. The innovative and practical design ensures a secure grip, allowing for improved dance performance and preventing slips...
Approach to Bharathanatyam

Approach to Bharathanatyam | Book

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Author : Bhagyalekshmy S
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Frequently Asked Questions

The traditional dress for Bharatanatyam is called a "Bharatanatyam costume" or simply a "dance costume."

Yes, Bharatanatyam is a traditional Indian classical dance form that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu.

Bharatanatyam costumes are typically made with silk sarees, specifically Kanchipuram silk sarees, known for their rich texture and vibrant colors.

To measure for a Bharatanatyam costume, one needs to measure the length from the waist to the ankle, hip circumference, chest circumference, and shoulder width for a proper fit.

The four styles of Bharatanatyam are Vazhuvoor, Pandanallur, Thanjavur, and Kalakshetra.

The seven elements of Bharatanatyam are Nritta (pure dance), Nritya (expressive dance), Natya (dramatic element), Vachika (speech), Aharya (costume and ornaments), Satvika (emotional connect), and Angika (body movements).

There is no definitive "best" style of Bharatanatyam; it depends on personal preference and the dancer's training. Each style has its unique characteristics and beauty.

The three 'N's of Bharatanatyam are Natya (dramatic expression), Nritya (rhythmic movement), and Nritta (pure dance movements).

The nine emotions portrayed in Bharatanatyam are love, laughter, fury, compassion, disgust, wonder, courage, fear, and peace.

In Bharatanatyam, the five fingers are called Tarjani (index finger), Madhyama (middle finger), Anamika (ring finger), Kanishthika (little finger), and Angushtha (thumb).

Bharatanatyam comprises a vast array of poses, but there isn't a fixed number. Dancers learn numerous unique postures, each with specific meanings and expressions.

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