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Prayathnam Book-shanthitailors

Prayathnam Book

Rs. 600.00
A Course book for the study and practice of Bharathnatyam. Pack Consists of 1. Book  
Tambura shruthi box

Tambura Sruti Box - Saarang Maestro Dx

Rs. 5,800.00
Tambura shruthi box - Saarang Maestro Dx by Shanthitailors The Tambura Sruti Box – Saarang Maestro Dx by Shanthitailors is a high-quality electronic shruthi box designed for professional musicians and...
Nattuvangam Wooden Stick-shanthitailors

Nattuvangam Wooden Stick

Rs. 185.00
Nattuvangam Wooden Stick for dance classes used by Bharatanatyam dance teachers. This wooden stick is the perfect tool for nattuvangam dance teachers. Crafted from solid wood, this Nattuvangam stick is...


Rs. 550.00
U Pin 70mm Black : No 803

U Pin 70mm Black : No 803

Rs. 300.00
U pin box with sharp edge  size : 70mm colour : Black  Number of pcs : 500
Tambura Sruti box - Saarang Magic Plus

Tambura Sruti box - Saarang Magic Plus

Rs. 4,600.00
The Tambura Sruti box - Saarang Magic Plus by shanthitailors is a must-have for any musician or student of Indian classical music. This compact and portable instrument helps create a...
Ear Lobe Patch| For Heavy Earrings | 50 stickers

Ear Lobe Patch| For Heavy Earrings | 50 stickers

Rs. 270.00
  Invisible Ear Lobe Support Patches can be easily attached behind ear lobes to prevent earring slippage and to support earring weight. The earring support tape is designed with excellent...
Hasta side pouch-shanthitailors

Hasta side pouch

Rs. 149.00
Hasta printed Pouch Best Navarathari gift
Shruthi Box - Saarang Sparshini Dx

Shruthi Box - Saarang Sparshini Dx

Rs. 11,200.00
  The Saarang Sparshini Dx is an artistic digital tanpura with a grand stage presence and an exquisitely crafted cabinet. It has beautiful resonating natural tanpura sound using the latest sampler technology, and...
SNAKE HEADSET SMALL-shanthitailors


Rs. 650.00
Anti Slip Dance Practicse Socks By Nyra

Anti Slip Dance Practicse Socks By Nyra

Rs. 349.00
These Anti Slip Dance Practice Socks provide maximum stretchability, accommodating all foot sizes. The innovative and practical design ensures a secure grip, allowing for improved dance performance and preventing slips...
VISHWASHANTHI - VOL-15,16,17,18| Bharatahanatyam Songs| Mp3 Songs | LMMCD116-shanthitailors

VISHWASHANTHI - VOL-15,16,17,18| Bharatahanatyam Songs| Mp3 Songs | LMMCD116

Rs. 600.00
Introducing VISHWASHANTHI - VOL-15,16,17,18, a mesmerizing collection of Bharatahanatyam songs that will transport you to a world of divine rhythm and grace. With its enchanting melodies and soul-stirring compositions, this...
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Bharatanatyam Accessories are essential elements that complement and enhance the traditional Indian dance form, Bharatanatyam. These accessories play a crucial role in showcasing the rich cultural heritage and authenticity of the performance. From jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bangles, to decorative items such as hair accessories, waist belts, and anklets, Bharatanatyam Accessories complete the dancer's attire. These accessories are meticulously crafted and adorned with intricate designs, often showcasing traditional motifs and patterns. They are typically made using high-quality materials like gold, silver, and precious stones. Bharatanatyam accessories add elegance, grace, and a touch of tradition to the dance, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The traditional dress for Bharatanatyam is called a "Bharatanatyam costume" or simply a "dance costume."

Yes, Bharatanatyam is a traditional Indian classical dance form that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu.

Bharatanatyam costumes are typically made with silk sarees, specifically Kanchipuram silk sarees, known for their rich texture and vibrant colors.

To measure for a Bharatanatyam costume, one needs to measure the length from the waist to the ankle, hip circumference, chest circumference, and shoulder width for a proper fit.

The four styles of Bharatanatyam are Vazhuvoor, Pandanallur, Thanjavur, and Kalakshetra.

The seven elements of Bharatanatyam are Nritta (pure dance), Nritya (expressive dance), Natya (dramatic element), Vachika (speech), Aharya (costume and ornaments), Satvika (emotional connect), and Angika (body movements).

There is no definitive "best" style of Bharatanatyam; it depends on personal preference and the dancer's training. Each style has its unique characteristics and beauty.

The three 'N's of Bharatanatyam are Natya (dramatic expression), Nritya (rhythmic movement), and Nritta (pure dance movements).

The nine emotions portrayed in Bharatanatyam are love, laughter, fury, compassion, disgust, wonder, courage, fear, and peace.

In Bharatanatyam, the five fingers are called Tarjani (index finger), Madhyama (middle finger), Anamika (ring finger), Kanishthika (little finger), and Angushtha (thumb).

Bharatanatyam comprises a vast array of poses, but there isn't a fixed number. Dancers learn numerous unique postures, each with specific meanings and expressions.

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