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Introducing "DANCE CELESTIAL" - a mesmerizing collection of Bharatnatyam songs that will transport you to a world of divine rhythm and celestial dance. This Mp3 Downloadable Full Album is a...

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Introducing "DANCE CELESTIAL" - a mesmerizing collection of Bharatnatyam songs that will transport you to a world of divine rhythm and celestial dance. This Mp3 Downloadable Full Album is a true treasure for all dance enthusiasts and connoisseurs of Indian classical music.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of this album, carefully curated to showcase the beauty and grace of Bharatnatyam, a traditional dance form originating from Southern India. With each track, you'll experience the rich cultural heritage and artistic brilliance that Bharatnatyam embodies.

• Ganapathi Stuthi: Begin your dance journey with this soulful invocation to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Let his divine blessings guide your every step.

• Alarippu (With irupugazh): Feel the energy surge through your body as you perform the Alarippu, a rhythmic piece that sets the tone for the entire performance. The seamless blend of music and movement will leave you captivated.

• Jathiswaram: Lose yourself in the intricate footwork and complex rhythms of the Jathiswaram. This vibrant composition showcases the technical brilliance and improvisational skills of the dancer.

• Garudagamana: Soar high on the wings of Garuda, the mythical bird, as you embody grace and strength in this powerful piece. Let the music carry you to new heights of expression.

• Hari Hari: Surrender to the divine love of Lord Krishna as you dance to the melodious tunes of Hari Hari. Experience the joy and devotion that this composition evokes.

• Varnam: Discover the true essence of Bharatnatyam in this elaborate and expressive composition. The Varnam combines intricate footwork, complex rhythms, and emotive storytelling, showcasing the dancer's versatility and artistry.

• Jawali: Let your emotions flow freely as you explore the depths of love, longing, and devotion through the soul-stirring Jawali compositions. Each note will resonate with your heart.

• Swagatham Krishna: Welcome Lord Krishna into your dance with this heartfelt composition. Allow his divine presence to guide your movements and fill your performance with divine grace.

• Palayamam: Experience the divine motherly love through the poignant composition of Palayamam. Let the music touch your soul and evoke a sense of deep connection.

• Yadanandana: Celebrate the playful and mischievous nature of Lord Krishna with this lively and energetic piece. Dance with joy and revel in the blissful melodies.

• Ramakrishna: Pay homage to the great sage Ramakrishna as you express devotion and seek spiritual enlightenment through your dance. Let his teachings inspire your every movement.

• Thillana: Conclude your performance with the exuberant and rhythmic Thillana. Showcase your mastery over footwork and intricate patterns, leaving the audience spellbound.

Each track in this Mp3 Downloadable Full Album is a testament to the beauty and elegance of Bharatnatyam. Whether you're a dancer, a music lover, or simply appreciate the richness of Indian culture, "DANCE CELESTIAL" is a must-have addition to your collection.

Immerse yourself in the divine world of Bharatnatyam and let the music guide your every step. Order your copy of "DANCE CELESTIAL" today and embark on a mesmerizing journey of rhythm, grace, and artistic expression.