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Bharatanatyam Dance Costumes – Sun Fleets Thalipil Long Fan – Dance Costumes

One of the most used Bharatanatyam dresses. This Costume can be used for all age groups. These are most comfortable costumes foe Varnam and thillanas.

These costumes are usually made from silk saree depending on Budget. The typical Materials used for Making these costumes are

    1. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
      1. Made of Pure silk material and Border
    2. Dharamvaram Silk Sarees
      1. Made of Pure silk and Tested Border
    3. Silk Cotton Material with Kanchipuram Borders.
      1. Made of Artificial Silk and Border

Bharatnatyam Costumes come with various parts which are very easy to wear. It consists of

  1. Pyjama or Pant
  2. Fan
  3. Waist Piece
  4. Blouse
  5. Thavani
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