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Readymade MAdisaree Saree for quick wear

Available in Iyer and Iyengar Style


Material : 10 yards Semi Silk Sarees




To preserve the grandeur of silk, immense diligence is required at every stage. With accurate care, silk can be protected and maintained for years to come.

► Dry cleaning is the most excellent way to handle the silk fabric.
► Wash and rinse the pallu, border and body separately.
► Do not wash the saree with inferior quality material or bright colours.
► Opt for a protein shampoo with warm or cold water.
► Keep away from twisting or wringing the silk.
► Do not soak the saree and bundle up for long hours.
► Keep away from drying your silk saree in direct sunlight
► Do not iron your saree directly.
► Maintain the iron in medium heat only.
► The silk saree is supposed to be stored in a cool, dry place.
► Unfold your silk sarees and vary the folding if possible every month.
► It is best to wrap silk sarees in muslin cloth.
► Soiled silk must be dry-cleaned immediately.

Weight 1 kg

Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Red, Meroon, Purple, Vadamallai, NavyBlue, RoyalBlue

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