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Nattuvanga Thalam – A traditional Instrument used by Dance Master for the Performance day for Bharatnatyam and Kuchupudi. NATTUVANGAM is a Tamil word i.e. Natta Angam. Natta means dancer or Dance Performance and Angam means body or main operating or controlling centre. The combination of this two is called Nattuvangam.

These thalam are usually 4.5 Shruthi and Used on Performance Day.

  • Metal Thalam Bharatanatyam Dance Instrument
  • Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi Dance Instrument

Nattuvangam Nattuvanga Thalam Jathi Chime Bells | NATTUVANGA THALAM Shanthi Tailors Bells and Nattuvangam shanthi-tailors-private-ltd.myshopify.com Shanthi Tailors Private Ltd

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