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Set of 6 densely packed, hair-like soft synthetic bristle professional face and eye makeup brushes for impeccable results.

A combination of 6 power tools packed in one, the revolutionary product contains:
1. Power Brush: Apply your blushes and fix powders on all faces in just a few strokes.
2. Foundation blender brush: Blend your foundation base like a pro without wasting product.
3. Concealer brush: Reach those inner edges with this soft yet pointed Concealer brush and slide effortlessly.
4. Eyeshadow brush: Blend and mix different colours to create a new look every day.
5. Eyeshadow applicator brush: Use this flat, dense brush to create smokey eyes in no time
6. Highlighting and lash brush: Create highlighted edges on the face like the tip of the nose and under the eyebrow with this unique sharp and flat brush on one end while combing your lashes to perfection with the other end.


Fine Bristles: The makeup brush tips are designed to carry the intense rich texture of the makeup products for smooth perception.
Easy application: Ensured because of its ergonomic design.
Easy to use: The brushes are crafted to make the user experience comfortable, with thick grips and non-slipery metal grips.
Easy to clean: All your face makeup tools are curated in one set. which are easy to clean and maintain at home.

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