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kuchipudi Dance in Textual Form

About the Book
For all those of us who look out for profundity and perfection, “Kuchipudi Dance in Textual from”, is a Sheer treat.
This book aims to provide basically to the students of the Government Music and Dance/College/ Schools, Degree colleges
and Universities of Andhra Pradesh state, who face many difficulties in preparing for various examinations like Certificate, Diploma and Degrees in Kuchipudi dance conducted by the ‘Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University’ Generally the Students need to refer on a variety of texts, most of them not easily available in English. But here they get what they have been longing for because all the topics of the subject are enlightened from the roots.
Another salient features of this book is its language which is simple and lucid, thus making it easy for its readers to memorize the topics of the subject in an effective manner. The book is divided into 9 Chapters. The Sanskrit slokas pertaining to the relevant topics is also incorporated in this book for the students to read and memorize it easily.
Chapter I : This Chapter deals with “Hastabhinaya” meaning the various gestures of hands used in performing kuchipudi dance. A deailed definition, meaning and uses with relevant slokas. Asamyutha Hastas, Samyutha Hastas, Nrtta Hastas (Natya Shastra), Dwadasahastas, Devata Hastas, Dikpalakaa Hasas, Dasavatara Hastas, Chaturvarna Hastaas, Bandhavya Hastas and Navagraaha Hastas are mentioned.
Chapter II : This chapter deals with the various Angas, Upangas such as Head, Eyes, eyebrows and neck movements. The Rasa Dristis of Natya Shastra is also included in this Chapter.
Chapter III : This Chapter deals with the cari and Mandala Bhedas. The Pada Bhedas are also included in this Chapter.
Chapter IV :

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