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Hastha prayogaha dance book is a tamil book about bharatanatyam hand gestures which tells us about the meaning of the hand gestures

Acknowledgement. Preface. Abhinayadarpanam. Introduction to the book. How to use the book, the audio CD and DVD. Example of illustrations of the chapters. Guide to phonetic system. Single hand gestures: Asamyutha hastha. Illustration single hand gestures: 1. Pathaaka hasthah. 2. Thripathaaka hasthah. 3. Ardhapathaaka hasthah. 4. Kartharimukha hasthah. 5. Mayoora hasthah.

6. Ardhachandhra hasthah. 7. Araala hasthah. 8. Shukathunda hasthah. 9. Mushti hasthah. 10. Shikhara hasthah. 11. Kapiththa hasthah. 12. Katakaamukha hasthah. 13. Soochi hasthah. 14. Chandrakala hasthah. 15. Padhmakosha hasthah. 16. Sarpasheersha hasthah. 17. Mrigasheersha hasthah.

18. Simhamukha hasthah. 19. Kaangula hasthah. 20. Alapadhma hasthah. 21. Chathura hasthah. 22. Bhramara hasthah. 23. Hamsaasya hasthah. 24. Hamsapaksha hasthah. 25. Sandhamsha hasthah. 26. Mukula hasthah. 27. Thaamrachooda hasthah. 28. Thrishoola hasthah.

Double hand gestures: Double hand gestures (Samyutha Hastha): Illustration double hand gestures: 1. Anjali hasthah. 2. Kapotha hasthah. 3. Karkata hasthah. 4. Svasthika hasthah. 5. Dolaa hasthah. 6. Pushpaputah hasthah. 7. Uthsanga hasthah. 8. Shivalinga hasthah. 9. Katakaavardhana hasthah.

10. Karthareesvasthika hasthah. 11. Shakata hasthah. 12. Shankha hasthah. 13. Chakra hasthah. 14. Samputa hasthah. 15. Paasha hasthah. 16. Keelaka hasthah. 17. Mathsya hasthah. 18. Koorma hasthah. 19. Varaaha hasthah. 20. Garuda hasthah. 21. Naagabandha hasthah. 22. Khatvaa hasthah. 23. Bherunda hasthah.

hastha prayogaha dance book  Mythological and contemporary interpretations. Who’s who. Bibliography.

“This book is based on the ancient Indian text – ‘Abhinayadarpanam’ and illustrates the varied usages of the hasthas with special reference to the Asamyutha (single hand gestures) and the Samyutha (double hand gestures) and their applications known as Viniyogas (the vocabulary of dance gestures).

The Viniyogas form the essential grammar for the dance and constitute an essential aspect of Bharatanatyam. Permutations and combinations of Mudras (gestures) combined with the artist’s own skill can depict and interpret any idea one desires. This is an essential means of communication for the dancer.

hastha prayogaha dance book lays out its content as original Sanskrit Slokas, corresponding English pronunciations, word-by-word meaning and a detailed photographic guide to performing the gestures. More than 1070 colour photographs take the reader through the nuances of using the hand gestures.

The book is divided as three sections — the single hand gestures, double hand gestures and a special section on simple choreography interpretations.

The Audio and Video Support materials, which constitute an essential part of the training envisaged for this book, are available in the form of Audio CDs and Video DVDs. Each follows the same format as the book and is completely self-explanatory.

Jayalakshmi Eshwar, a renowned exponent of the dance form, has designed a book that would be accessible and valuable for the dance student, young professional and teacher of the Bharatanatyam dance form.” (

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